Peptides to Maximize Your Metabolic Code

Dr. Kelly Halderman, MD



Dr. Kelly Halderman, Academic Dean of Students at Kingdom College joins us to discuss the metabolic code personalized health evaluation program, clinical information triad relationships, Phase 2.5 Detoxification, and more! In this exciting discussion you will learn how to utilize these revolutionary medical tools to optimize your overall vitality and wellness.

Kent Holtorf, M.D.

Hi, this is Dr. Kent Holtorf with another episode of the Peptide summit. Today we’re blessed to have Dr. Kelly Halderman. She going to talk about peptides to maximize the metabolic code, and it’s—what the heck is the metabolic code? You’ll find out. It’s very powerful and you’re gonna find out some very cool, neat things in this next hour. Kelly, thank you for being on. I know you’re jet setting all over the world and you’re now in, I think Dallas, you said? 

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