Photodynamic Therapy for Cancer

Michael Karlfeldt


Nathan Crane 

Hey, it’s Nathan Crane, director of the Health and Healing Club, and host of the “Conquering Cancer Summit.” And I’m really excited today that you’re joining us for this really special interview with Michael Karlfeldt, N.D., Ph.D. I’m gonna read his bio and we’re gonna dive into some really empowering information and strategic integrative naturopathic solutions, whether your concerns are helping yourself with cancer or helping somebody you love with cancer. So Michael Karlfeldt, N.D., Ph.D, naturopathic doctor, PhD, runs a Karlfeldt Center in Boise, Idaho, Dr. Karlfeldt, and his staff pride themselves in being compassionate cancer warriors, focusing on cutting edge integrative cancer therapies, working with international leaders to provide cancer solutions for each person.

Dr. Karlfeldt was in his 20s, when he lost his father to colon cancer, which was a big part of leading him on this path to helping people around the world learn how to prevent and heal from cancer. Currently he hosts the TV show, “True Health, Body, Mind, Spirit,” and the radio show “Health Made Radio,” where he connects with international leaders in the integrative health arena. Also, be sure not to miss his internationally recognized podcast, “Integrative Cancer Solutions with Dr. Karlfeldt,” you can find it on iTunes, Google Play, and he features cancer survivors sharing how they beat cancer, truly inspiring show and podcast. Make sure to go listen to that. Dr. Karlfeldt, thank you so much for joining us. 

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