Physicality Speaks Louder Than Words: Becoming One That Others Cannot Look Away From

Bo Eason



Our body tells your story.You might think that your story is about the words you share or the events you introduce, but the truth is, about 75% of what your audience perceives comes from your physicality. That’s why our all-virtual reality right now is such a challenge.I do this Sacred Six ritual every single day, and it will make you hyper-aware of your every move and your every breath.That’s the first step toward owning your physicality, which will set you apart from everyone else out there. It will prepare you to express your story with confidence and power.Just imagine how far you could take your business—and your life, for that matter—if you had the ability to grab people’s attention and refuse to let go.Text SACRED6 to 44222 to receive Bo’s Sacred Six Routine and video training! (Or go to

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