Caspar A Szulc – Redefining Integrative Medicine

Caspar A Szulc


  • Treating the patient, not the disease.
  • Integrative medicine versus conventional and functional medicine.
  • Patterns of Lyme disease.
  • Complexity of Lyme disease requires more robust solutions.
  • Looking at the future of healing, not treating, Lyme.
Robby Besner PSc.D.

Hey, everybody. Welcome back. I’m so excited about this interview and the time we’re going to spend with Caspar Szulc today. This guy is on top of his game. He’s a New Yorker. It turns out that we had a chance to meet each other because I was interviewed on his, Your Story Podcasts, which is super cool. And there, we discovered that we actually went to the same undergraduate school in Boston together. Caspar is a really dynamic guy and he is the managing director and the co-founder of a cool group in New York. 

The name of the group is New York Center for Innovative Medicine. And in the name itself, the whole concept of being innovative in medicine seems kind of, doesn’t necessarily go together, but these guys have figured it out. And I really appreciate what they’re doing. And as soon as I met Caspar, when before, besides all the common threads of being from New York and all that stuff together, he’s more like minded. He kind of has the same view. He looks at the whole body, not just the individual parts.

And what I really love is that he dives into the individual, which is very different than the normal allopathic approaches where they want to carve things out. And it’s relatively in personal. And our journey in healthcare is all about our personal experience and everybody tuning in the whole Lyme community, I mean, they’re totally on top of this because Lyme is so individual, it expresses itself in so many different ways and it’s really misunderstood. And so with that, and this guy is amazing, Caspar, please join the healing from Lyme naturally summit. And give us a little bit of a backdrop of kind of like how you got interested in medicine in general. I know it’s in the family cause you work with your dad. He’s a medical practitioner, but that’s different than you wanting, being involved intimately in the practice and management of the practice. And then let’s go a little bit, walk a little forward to where and the kinds of things you’re doing today.

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