A Deeper Dive into the Respiratory and GI Mucosal Immune Responses Especially the Contribution of Dietary Triggers

Dr. Tom OBryan, D.C.


Eric Gordon, M.D.

Welcome. Welcome to another edition of Mycotoxins and Chronic Illness Today it’s a real pleasure to have a chance to get to know Dr. Tom O’Bryan. I think one of the exciting things about doing this series has been the number of thinkers that I’ve gotten to meet and learning all the time. I mean, it’s something that is just special and it’s part of medicine. It’s the heart and soul of medicine that I think often gets lost. But doctors like Tom O’Bryan who dive deep into the underlying science and bring back to the practitioners like us the new way of thinking about things. Dr. Tom O’Bryan has written several books, “The Autoimmune Fix” and most recently “You Can Fix Your Brain.” And I think we’re gonna talk a lot about fixing your brain because chronic illness almost always affects the brain. So Dr. O’Bryan tell me just what… just what, I guess, I always like to know, like what got you started? What got you excited about autoimmunity and then later the brain?

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