Rethinking The Era Of Prescribing Supplements​

Alex Keller


Cheng-Huai Ruan, M.D.

Everybody, today we have Dr. Alex Keller with me today. He’s a good friend of mine, and we’re gonna be talking about something that’s super cool. And I’m gonna take a blast from the past and just talk about my introduction with what Alex has got going on back in 2013. So Dr. Keller serves as a medical director at this company called Fullscript I’ve been working with for a few years now, and oversees, a 20-plus member of integrative medical advisory team. And he’s led the establishment at Fullscript in technical integrations and all sorts of different things that I have no idea about. 

But that’s why he’s on today, because he’s really helped pave the way in terms of automating things that is really difficult to do. And that’s what this summit is all about. And looking at what Fullscript has done really over the last year has really kind of opened my eyes into seeing what practicing medicine is really all about, which is communication and over-delivery of value. That’s what we wanna do. We’re gonna overdeliver value to our patients, but at the same time, have it be a sustainable and a thriving and a replicatable business. And we really wanna connect that business part and the medicine part. So there’s no one than Dr. Keller to kind of talk about it. So Alex, thanks for coming on. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to come on with me.

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