The Role of Gene Analysis in Treating Chronic Illness

Sharon Hausman-Cohen


Eric Gordon, M.D.

Welcome. To another edition of “Mycotoxins and Chronic Illness.” Today, it’s just exciting and a pleasure to be interviewing Sharon Houseman-Cohen, who has many attributes. So right now, She is the Medical Director and Co-founder of IntellxxDNA. Her background is, she has a Master’s in Cell and Cell Development and Developmental Biology, and she’s a M.D., a graduate from Harvard Medical School. And as I think I mentioned the other day, one of the hallmarks of most of the doctors that I’ve interviewed is that they had training in usually a master’s level in an element of science before they went to medical school. So, they learned to think scientifically because unfortunately, many doctors start off they desire to be a scientist, but we were trained after a while to just be expert at pattern recognition, and that’s good.

But if you don’t think, and you just recognize patterns and you only have five minutes to interview the patient, those of you with chronic illness have seen the results. You’re constantly frustrated, okay. ‘Cause people aren’t listening to your whole story and they’re not finding the parts that don’t fit. And what Sharon has done for us, is created a tool that allows physicians and patients to begin to see where they fit in the world. To find out their own special individual characteristics and why, and often not just why, but what we can do about why, that they are and you are in the position of having a chronic illness. So, but she’s done this to the use of genetics. And first of all, I’m gonna start off and just give us a little overview of how genomics has come to play such a big role in your career.

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