Spirit Science and Medicine

Bobbi Vogel


  • Emotional wounds are held in the etheric body.
  • These emotional wounds have a direct correlation to physical/mental illness.
  • When we don’t heal these wounds, the vibration of them continues to traumatize our energy body making it impossible to not only heal our physical bodies but to manifest our dreams.
  • We don’t need to always remember our trauma to heal it – spirit holds all the information on our behalf We have both an etheric body and a physical body – both must be well to be well.
  • Because every illness began in the etheric body we must begin the healing in the etheric for our physical bodies to release.the density that is being called illness.
Tom McCarthy

Our next guest just got back from a trip to France. So welcome back, Bobbi. It’s really wonderful to have you here. Bobbi Vogel is someone that I’ve had some experience with. She actually did a session with me maybe a month ago, and I found it very, very powerful. So thank you for that, Bobbi. And she is the founder of Etheric Medicine and we’ll get into what that means in just a little bit, but she is an incredibly gifted healer. And so all of you coming to find a source for healing, I think you’re going to really enjoy this talk with Bobbi. So Bobbi, welcome to the interview.

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