Strong into the Sunset: Peptide Strategies to Maintain Strength in The Aging Population

Dr. Greg Jones


  • What aspects of aging lead to loss of strength and function as we get older?
  • What foundational aspects of health set you up success before starting peptides?
  • What are the top peptides to improve strength and endurance?
Matthew Cook, M.D.

Hi. My name is Matthew Cook, M.D.. Welcome to the Peptide Summit. I’m here with my friend Dr. Greg Jones. And when I go to medical conferences, I actually have to say Greg is one of my all time favorite people to run into, because he’s got the most positive, great attitude of anybody you’re ever gonna meet. He grew up in Mississippi and he was born in Mississippi, grew up in Chicago. Joined the Navy, got to travel, see the world, and ended up going to medical school. He’s a naturopathic doctor. And is a knowledgeable, thoughtful, great human being and a great doctor. And we’ve talked about cases and talked about articles we’re reading, and it’s been a pleasure to get to know him. And I’m delighted to have him on the Peptide Summit today, welcome.

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