80 Percent Of Success Is Mindset: Learn How To Create A Path For A Thriving Practice​

Dragan Trajkovski​


Cheng-Huai Ruan, M.D.

One of the dragon on the online summit and as funny as that may sound, Dragan Trajkovski a fantastic speaker, as part of the Tony Robbins team and one of five senior speakers for Tony Robbins. So, what he does his corporate training at the absolute highest level of scaling and execution. And when we were talking, what we really wanted to feature on this summit was the fact that 80% of businesses is truly psychology. The mindset behind scaling and execution and success, while being fulfilled doing it and not being burnt out, there’s a formula that’s to it. And I want Dragan to really tell doctors what exactly is the formula when it comes to mindset because, in reality, as we’re trying to grow and contribute to the world, sometimes we come to a standstill because of the burnout and the stress that’s associated with it. 

But sometimes, we change our external circumstances that are around us, but doesn’t really change our internal engines. So, we end up stacking burnout, called burnout stacking. And Dragan’s really gonna discover why that really is and what do you do about it? From a perspective of leaders who’ve already done this before, what are their main driving engines to create something that’s scalable and executable that is able to create even more fulfillment within your lives and that’s what he’s here to talk about. So usually, this is sort of done on interview type of deal, but I’m actually just gonna shut up and have Dragan start talking. And so, for you to really… I really challenge you to engage and to do the things that he says on the video and just be fully immersed. Turn off notifications, turn off your cell phone, turn off the notifications on your computer and just take a deep dive into what Dragan has to say. Here’s Dragan, thank you.

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