Dr. Joseph Raffaele, M.D. – Slow Down the Aging Process: Telomere Biology in Age-Management Medicine

Dr. Joseph Raffaele, M.D


  • How to literally age in reverse with Telomere therapy
  • How to measure your biological age and track it as your cells get younger
  • Which biological markers are most vital for tracking your health and longevity
Kent Holtorf, M.D.

Hello. This is Dr. Kent Holtorf with another episode of The Peptide Summit. Today we have the luxury of having Dr. Raffaele on, and he’s going to be talking about the role of telomere biology in age management medicine. Dr. Raffaele, thank you so much for being on and taking the time. I know you’re a busy guy, extending people’s lives, and so it’s great to have you. I’m looking forward to learning a lot about longevity and ways to do that.


Joseph Raffaele, M.D.

Well, thank you Dr. Holtorf. I’m happy to be on and happy to talk about one of my major passions in life, which is keeping people healthy and doing what they love to do as long as possible.


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