The Energy Codes and Creating the Life You Desire

Sue Morter


  • Everything is Energy and your life is a reflection of your energy.
  • Living from the Mind versus the Essential Self.
  • Energy Medicine, user-friendly Epigenetics, and the Soulful Self come together for healing on every level of your life.
  • Learn to change the human Bio-field, balance your body chemistry.
  • Principles and simple practices done throughout your day to build new circuitry for your creative genius to reveal and awaken as the Healer within.
Tom McCarthy

Our next guest is someone I am really excited to be able to not just interview, but to learn more from. Her name is Dr. Sue Morter and she is the author of “The Energy Codes.” And I’m really looking forward to diving into that with Sue. She speaks all over the world. She’s a legend in the health and wellness community. And Sue, we are just so happy to have you on the Global Energy Healing Summit. Welcome to our summit.

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