The Peptide Summit Introduction

Dr. Kent Holtorf


Kent Holtorf, M.D.

Hello, I’m Dr. Kent Holtorf host of the peptide summit. Want to really thank you for joining us. I’ve interviewed just under 40 experts from across the country and the world to give you practical knowledge from those in the cutting edge of peptide therapy. I really think you’ll be blown away with information that is almost too amazing to be true. But these experts see incredible benefits of peptides every day in their practice, as we do and are willing to share their knowledge and their secrets. I think just about everyone will find the summit incredibly informative, not only useful, but really invaluable, and the information will improve your health in ways you really never felt possible. The summit experts will explain how to get you feeling and looking at your best. I think everyone really needs to watch the summit. If you are a lay person who is just curious about peptides to stay healthy, and you’ve, you’ve heard about it from your friends or on the internet, you’re a weekend warrior. 

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