The Secrets To Anti-Aging​

Cathy Goldstein


Tom McCarthy

I’m extremely excited to have our next guest on, she’s somebody that I was just having a really cool conversation with. And I said, hold on, save this for our interview. But it was really, really enlightening for me just in the past couple of minutes, learning from her. And I know you’re going to learn a ton. Her name is Dr. Cathy Goldstein, and she’s the founder of the Integrative Health and Allergy Center. She’s a board certified acupuncturist, and she’s been doing that for a long time. And she’s really come up with some interesting ways of looking at the body and how to maintain health as we age. I’m not going to tell you her age, but she looks so much younger than she is. And she’s actually a product of what she is bringing out to the world, which is really cool. That’s something, Cathy, that I always love, you don’t want to see the person that can talk the talk, but not walk the walk. You are a perfect example of how we can be vibrant and healthy and age is really just how we feel. It’s not necessarily a number of years, which is really cool, especially for me as I’m getting older now, this is really a cool topic. I know everybody listening is going to love it. So welcome to the Global Energy Healing Summit.

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