Uniting The Family And Organizing A Successful Support Group

Julie Parker, LPC, MHSP


  • You’re not alone with your chronic ailment, your family and support system is as important to your healing process as your practitioner.
  • Take a deep dive and learn more about the best way to create a healthy family dynamic.
Robby Besner PSc.D.

Hey, everybody, it’s Robby Besner, and we’re back with another great episode of the Healthy Hotline and our Lyme campaign. And today we have a really unusual guest. Her name is Julie Parker. And she is a clinician, she’s a therapist, she works in a group. She’s out of Mississippi. So if you hear that Mississippi quaint accent in her voice, then you’ll know who she is and where she’s coming from. By the way, I have an accent too. I’m from New York, for those people that don’t know that. Julie’s been in practice for many years, and what’s really cool about what she’s gonna share with us today is something that really is a topic that is heartfelt for all of us. It speaks to the family dynamic. 

And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard in the last 25 years from Lyme families, from Lyme patients, that, “I go to my doctor, I’m not feeling well, I’m not feeling myself.” And they say, “You know what? We did the labs, we did the tests, we did this, we did that. You’re fine. It’s gotta be somewhere upstairs. You got a challenge with your- Go see a psychiatrist. This isn’t a physical challenge.” But guess what? We know that that’s not right, don’t we? All of you out there in Lyme land, I’m going to introduce Julie Parker. Welcome to the Healthy Hotline, Julie. And can you spend a minute or two and just give us a little bit of the backdrop of how you got into counseling, a little bit about your practice. 

By the way, if you need to get to Julie Parker and her group directly, you can get to her by telephone. You can call her her local number. It’s 901-497-6827. Or you can get to her, she’s got a cool website. It’s www.counseling, spelt C-O-U-N-S-E-L-I-N-G associates, A-S-S-O-C-I-A-T-E-S LLC.com. Or you can actually just send her an email at [email protected] So with that, Julie, give us a little bit of the background and tell us sort of in a minute or two about a little bit of your backdrop, and then how you got some experience with Lyme in your practice, and then we’ll move forward with today’s interview.

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