Using Peptides to Mitigate Immune Dysfunction

Cory Tichauer, ND


  • Chronic infectious illness and biotoxin illness as it applies to immune dysfunction
  • Adaptive Immunity vs Cell Mediated Immunity in Chronic Illness
  • Reducing antigen induced T-cell stimulation and B Cell proliferation
  • Use of “upstream” neuroendocrine peptides in immunomodulation
  • Protecting and repairing mucosal barriers to reduce chronic inflammation
  • Targeted therapy for long term neurovascular recovery and repair
Matthew Cook, M.D.

Welcome to the Peptide Summit. My name is Dr. Matt Cook, I’m with Dr. Corey Tishawa. My team was actually really excited that I’m interviewing Corey and they said, “we think he really knows what he’s talking about.” And then I spoke to him this morning and that is definitely true. I’m super excited. We’re gonna talk in depth about Lyme complex illness, peptide strategies for taking care of difficult patients. I showed up to work and I have all of these dress shirts that I wear for podcasts and someone took them to my house. And so then Tanisha smiled and said, “don’t worry, “you just look like “you’re going to a Mumford and Sons concert.” So it’s a casual podcast today, but so, nice to meet you, how are you today?

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