Overwriting Obesity: The Simple Way to Lose Belly Fat

Dr. Mark Sherwood, ND



The best selling author, Dr. Mark Sherwood, discusses his proven formula to achieve a 3-5% fat loss per month without dieting. He discusses how peptides can help achieve long term success in maintaining a healthy weight.

Kent Holtorf, M.D.

Hi, hi, this doctor can’t hold tour for another episode of the peptide summit. And today we have dr. Mark Sherwood, and he’s going to be talking about managing the obesity crisis and shedding pounds with peptides, which is just such a huge problem in our society nowadays. So he’s gonna let you know how to fix that. Um, he’s got an amazing background and he works with his, with his wife, he’s naturopathic doctor, and his wife is a Dio. Uh, they have full time wellness based practice in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Uh, it’s called the functional medicine Institute where they adopt the whole person approach, um, which is outcome based on really individual needs. Their goal is to lead people down a pathway of true healing to the end that there are two purposes to eradicate lifestyle driven conditions. Um, so it sounds like it really partner with the patient, um, and, uh, and, and to get for, uh, for optimal health and to really eliminate the usage of unnecessary medications that just, you know, uh, mask the symptoms and wait until you get, Oh, you get this medication when you got heart disease. 

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