Wellness Code Certified Practitioner

Jennifer Ellis-Schuetz



The Wellness Code program is based on the concept of Transformational Coaching. The creation of this program arose from my journey with complex, chronic health challenges and my realization that recovery and creating sustainable wellness involves much more than biochemical-based interventions. While lab tests, diet changes, detox protocols, and supplements are indeed integral components to the healing process, most people need much more than these. Many need, (although they may not realize it), dynamic coaching and support that empowers them to step into their personal power, become their own best healers, and authors of a life that they’re excited to get up for each morning. In light of this, this program arms participants with a wide array of knowledge, tools, and strategies that will take them beyond dietary interventions, lab testing, and supplement protocols and deep into the realms of mindset, circadian rhythm, personal responsibility, autonomic nervous system rebalancing, the gut-brain axis, mind-body applications, energetic applications, neural rewiring, healing trauma, habit change, exploration of self, and more! Participants will walk away from this program with new perspectives around how people get sick in the first place, but more importantly, how to create the foundation for and activate the body’s innate healing ability. This is the definition of Transformational Coaching and our current healthcare paradigm, including the Functional Health space, is in desperate need of more of this approach.

Reed Davis, HHP, FDN-P, CMTA, CNT

Welcome back and thanks for being here to this event. It’s really been amazing so far today I’m really looking forward to talking to Jennifer Ellis-Schuetz, MSc, FDN-P Ellis-Scheutz. Jennifer Ellis-Schuetz, MSc, FDN-P’s a friend of health coaching from way back. We’ve known each other a long time. Jennifer Ellis-Schuetz, MSc, FDN-P is an FDN practitioner and transformational coach that works with driven adult professionals who are struggling with chronic fatigue, digestive conditions and brain health issues. She helps them identify and address the core issues keeping them stuck so they can regain their vitality and get back on track in their life. Of course, that’s what health coaching is all about. She’s also a trainer and educator for fellow practitioners, so that’s primarily why I had Jennifer Ellis-Schuetz, MSc, FDN-P come on our show here. And aside from her private functional health coaching practices that said, Jennifer Ellis-Schuetz, MSc, FDN-P’s been working diligently for the past two years on creating this Wellness Code Academy and that’s really going to be interesting as we go through and I’m going to ask her lots of questions about it. The Wellness Code Academy offers online courses and programs for both lay people and fellow health and wellness professionals. So, I want to jump right into a Jennifer Ellis-Schuetz, MSc, FDN-P here, and thank you for being on today. 

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