Your Home can Heal You

Marie Diamond


  • The Law of Attraction of your.
  • Home Your personal Energy Number and your Health Direction.
  • Colours of Health and what colours to avoid in your bedroom.
  • How underground water can affect your health while you sleep.
  • Your home is an energy body that affects your health.
Tom McCarthy

Our next guest, I had a hard time pinning down. I think this might be the second or third time we were supposed to interview. And the reason is she’s super busy. She’s going all over the place. Even in these tougher times to travel, she’s been in many different countries and finally, we got her. So today’s the day, and I’m really excited to introduce you to her. She’s somebody I met back in 2008, I believe. So it’s been 13 years that I’ve known Marie, and she is the expert, in my opinion, when it comes to feng shui and dowsing. And we’re going to talk with her today about how your home can heal you. And if you don’t do the right things in your home, your home could potentially also cause some challenges for you. So we want your home healing you, and Marie’s going to share with us some ideas on how we can do that. Just a little bit more about Marie. She also was one of the featured teachers in the movie, “The Secret,” if you’ve ever seen that, she was in that. And she has students, because she teaches feng shui and dowsing all over the world. She has students in over 190 countries. So, Marie, thank you for joining us today. I’m really excited to have you here.

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